Design of sports facilities

HARC has been designing beautiful, sustainable and cost efficient multi-functional arenas for two decades. Contact us to get our evaluation on your project!

A rock concert by night, an ice-hockey game the following day, a horse fair and a business seminar next week. All with grace, ease and flawlessly operating logistics. We believe in timeless, sustainable design that holds strong for decades. 

Our design principles include four core elements: Functionality, sustainability, profitability and timeless elegance.

Because of its complexity, the logistics of an arena is often the starting point to the designs.

Functionality to the core

Multi-function arenas blossom through friction free logistics: the arena needs to cater for the needs of spectators, show builders and entertainers.

An arena needs to work for a rock concert, an ice-hockey game, a horse fair and a business seminar with ease and flawless operating logistics.

Tens of thousands of people need to able to leave the arena within minutes, while not crossing paths with the performing artists. This same mass of people should be served food and drinks in 15 minute breaks. Dozens of heavy freight vehicles need to able to unload and load within hours. Busses for entertainers require a special secluded location, spectators need to have spaces for their cars and ease access to other transporting means.

Because of its complexity, the logistics of an arena is often the starting point to the designs. Before we get to the actual building we need to consider the entire environment from the lot to the surrounding services. HARC is more than happy to take part in designing entire entertainment areas that include hotels, practice halls and restaurants.

An arena should be a profitable investment

When design new arenas, we pay special attention the usage of the arena and on its maintenance costs. A well designed arena will bring usage costs down significantly through efficient housing techniques. We design arenas for using, not for construction.

Sustainability is a must in arena design

A HARC arena is a sustainable, durable arena that keeps your investment healthy for decades. To make sure our design becomes a healthy, sustainable construction, we have found partners who are specialized in environmentally friendly building.

Our goal is to design arenas that are good as new in 20 years, no matter what their use.

Timeless elegance ties the elements together

While planning for the smooth actions of an ever-changing multi-function arena, we begin sketching the beautiful execution of the construction. There are endless possibilities in creating spectacular, timeless design pieces that still operate exceptionally well. This is a challenge we love tackling and believe that is the difference between good design and great design.

HARC always designs multi-functional arenas that are a beautiful marriage between visual design and friction free functions.