Who We Are

We are specialized in architectural design of multipurpose arenas and sports facilities. Our other design products are public buildings, business facilities and residential buildings.


Our design principles include four core elements: Functionality, sustainability, profitability and timeless elegance.

HARC was founded and is lead by Else Kettunen, architect.

Else has made a significant career in designing multi-functional arenas, business facilities, apartment houses and private homes. Our team has outstanding experience in creating a design that is not just beautiful, but functional to the core. We believe in long life-cycles and efficient usage of the buildings we design.

HARC works in close cooperation with a number of architects and consortiums to ensure full service range to our customers all over the world. In our 20+ years of operations we have had the privilege to design arenas and arena environments in Russia, Europe and Finland, where we proudly stand behind the two-decade old Helsinki Arena.

I want my customer to create a profit from the arena we design for them, while creating unforgettable experiences to the customers using the arenas. – Else Kettunen.


Design of sports facilities

We are specialized in architectural design of multipurpose arenas and sports facilities.

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Housing design

We have completed numerous multi-store, terraced and detached house projects in several locations in Southern Finland. Most of our properties are located in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Porvoo.

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Renovation projects

Understanding the old way of building renovation of facades, old and protected buildings is important. Our expertise and views are based on the experience of preserving the old building stock in Porvoo.

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Office and commercial building

The flexibility and functionality of commercial buildings are at the heart of our planning for sustainable development.

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Training halls

We have designed training halls in many European countries in addition to our home country. Training halls are important for coaching, education and hobby activities.

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Work at HARC

We are seeking in our growing pool of experienced and early-stage ARCHITECTS.

We design demanding domestic and international projects. We offer versatile tasks and growth challenges to suit your abilities in your career. We work with ArchiCad.  3D modelling and BIM is our daily routine. For more information, contact Else Kettunen +358405011170, www.harc.fi

Send your free application and CV to: else.kettunen@harc.fi


Contact us

Else Kettunen / Architect, SAFA, Managing Director
+358 (0) 40 501 1170

Our email addresses are in the form firstname.lastname (at) harc.fi

Helsinki office:
Työpajantie 13 A
00580 Helsinki

Lahti office:
Moisalankatu 1
15320 Lahti


For more information please contact our main designer else.kettunen(at)harc.fi. We will contact you soonest possible