HARC was founded and is lead by Else Kettunen, architect.

Else has made a significant career in designing multi-functional arenas, business facilities, apartment houses and private homes. Our team has outstanding experience in creating a design that is not just beautiful, but functional to the core. We believe in long life-cycles and efficient usage of the buildings we design.

HARC works in close cooperation with a number of architects and consortiums to ensure full service range to our customers all over the world. In our 20+ years of operations we have had the privilege to design arenas and arena environments in Russia, Sweden, Poland and Finland, where we proudly stand behind the two decade old Hartwall Arena.

See  HARC design page to get the full view on how HARC designs multi-functional arenas for long lasting financial success veiled into a beautiful, timeless design.

I want my customer to create a profit from the arena I design for them, while creating unforgettable experiences to the customers using the arenas. – Else Kettunen.